Katerina Apostolaki has been designing interiors for over fifteen years, working on a wide range of projects, from grand country houses to small city apartments, hotels to restaurants, cafés and bars.

During that time Katerina has built up a dedicated team of craftsmen and suppliers, so that each brief can be met with specific and highly individual solutions.

Katerina seamlessly blends her natural balance and timeless style to your brief creating a sanctuary that is all about you for residential projects and a sanctuary that is all about your clients for commercial projects. Taking time to understand the lifestyle and  personal view of those involved ensuring every job is tailor made to your needs.

Katerina’s design can be contracted as a standalone service or in conjunction with an architect or a civil engineer: Dimitris Filipitzis & associates architectural practice and Thessalia Constructions are with whom the company has had successful and enjoyable collaborations. Her practice is also working with graphic design practices in order to develop an exclusive, fit to the concept, branding for each commercial project.


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